Service for science

Sophia Research is a limited liability company organized under Dutch law, and is a fully owned subsidiary of the Erasmus Medical Center Holding. The Erasmus Medical Center Holding falls under and is a subsidiary of the Erasmus Medical Center.

Sophia Research, is an organization, authorized to coordinate the financial research administration and control of Theme Sophia. Theme Sophia consists of the following medical departments: Pediatrics, Pediatrics Surgery, Pediatric Psychiatry & Psychology, Clinical Genetics, Urology and Midwifery& Obstetrics.

Sophia Research is part of the Research Office Sophia. The Research Office was set up in January 2014. The goal of the Research Office Sophia is to optimise the research infrastructure within the Theme Sophia and to broadly support the medical and related professionals involved in research. The office bundles knowledge and expertise in the area of funding opportunities, the performance of translational and clinical research studies, and financial control of research projects.